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mixars MXR-2

mixars MXR-2

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Bestell Nr.: 237340

mixars MXR-2 Produktbeschreibung

The MXR-2 is a compact club mixer for mobile and rental systems and combines all essential features required by DJs.

It sports 2 stereo channels and a microphone input in a clear and intuitive layout, easy to operate for beginners as well as occasional users and professionals.

MXR-2 also features a studio-grade USB 2-deck sound card with 24-bit/96 kHz converters and low latency ASIO drivers, thus integrating it perfectly into a mixed Vinyl/PC/Tablet system.

The MXR-2 includes a digital effects processor, which can add 7 different effects to the main output signal, including stunning filter effects. MXR-2 Effects can be synchronized to the music tempo by the auto-BPM counter, thus providing the most creative and intuitive approach to correct effect timing.

The MXR-2 is one of the best compact DJ mixers available thanks to its compact size, sturdy construction and advanced feature set.




  • 2 multi-source stereo inputs (Phono (Line)/Line/USB), with gain control, 3-band Kill-EQ (+12/-26dB) and 10-LED level meter
  • Smooth dual-rail 45 mm channel input faders
  • Microphone input (TRS connector) with level control, 2-band EQ, and on/off switch
  • Internal preparation for InnoFader refit
  • Master section with 10-LED level meter
  • Balanced (TRS) and unbalanced main outputs
  • PFL section with PFL/Main mix and Blend/Split option

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mixars MXR-2

Bestell Nr.: 237340

Dieses Produkt ist im Shop leider nicht mehr verfügbar

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