Five-O by Montarbo LM260

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  • XLR
Signalprozessor, 2in/6out, Digital Speaker Management

Technische Daten:

  • Two balanced inputs XLR-F.
  • Six balanced outputs XLR-M.
  • 96kHz sample rate, 110dB (INs), 114dB OUTs) of dynamic range with +23dBu of maximum input level.
  • 100 presets memory.
  • 10 parametric filters (IN/OUT).
  • Parametric filters: Bell, High Shelf, Low Shelf, Notch, Allpass.
  • Adjustable gain from +12dB to -50dB with 0.25dB steps.
  • Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley filters up to 24dB/Oct.
  • Delay, limiter and phase inversion.
  • Sturdy aluminum front panel with fine crafting.
  • Easily enter the complex world of audio signal processing.
  • 220/115V AC supplied by the internal hi-end Toroidal transformer.
  • Built-in USB interface with AllDSP™’s proprietary software enables a full configuration and real time monitoring from PC.
  • Backlit 16-charaters LCD display.
  • Moisture resistant silicone touch buttons for selection and menu navigation.
  • Password protection included to prevent unauthorized tampering.
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