PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile

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  • int. Soundkarte
  • int. Vorverstärker
  • inkl. Software
  • Klinke (6.3mm)
  • USB
  • XLR
  • OSX (Mac)
  • Windows (PC)
  • Studio One
Built to create in the studio or on the go. The PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile USB 3.0 audio interface delivers exceptional sonic fidelity, flexible connectivity, and professional monitoring and mixing controls in a compact desktop design. Whether you’re a producer, an audio engineer, an independent band, a sound designer, or all of the above, your Studio 192 Mobile was built for you to create. An integrated solution. The Studio 192 Mobile provides an integrated, portable, hardware and software solution for recording in personal and professional studios wherever they may be. Switch between any two mixes using the Cue function and the onboard headphone amp. Software-controlled Dim and Mono options let you take control of your main mix. Use the six balanced outputs for monitor mixing or speaker switching, or both, depending on how you work. With its flexible software and abundant I/O, the Studio 192 Mobile fits into any recording and production environment. Superior sound. Connect a Studio 192 Mobile and you’ll instantly hear details and an open high end you expect from a professional studio front end. The Studio 192 Mobile operates at up to 192 kHz for ultra-high-definition mixing and recording. High-quality Burr-Brown converters on every input and output provide 118 dB of dynamic range to capture complex musical harmonics smoothly and naturally with no audible distortion. And our recallable XMAX microphone preamps deliver incredibly high headroom, deep lows, smooth highs, and a rich overall sound so you’ll hear every breath, transient, and detail in your recordings. The Studio One in Studio 192 Mobile. With the Studio 192 Mobile, your audio interface is an integrated extension of your recording environment. Launch Studio One 3, and you’ll find full preamp control and monitor-mix functions integrated into your recording environment. Our hybrid Fat Channel plug-in runs on the Studio 192’s DSP and in Studio One on your computer so you can record and monitor with Studio 192-based processing and seamlessly switch to the Studio One Fat Channel for playback. Need to track away from your computer? Launch Studio One Remote on your iPad. Remote control with UC Surface, too! The Studio 192 Mobile’s onboard features can also be controlled in PreSonus’ free UC Surface control software, so even if you use third-party recording software, you can remotely access them. UC Surface has rapidly won accolades for an intuitive mixing interface that provides quick access to everything you need to create quality monitor mixes. Great signal processors are a PreSonus tradition. Adding just the right amount of effects and processing to a monitor mix can make a huge difference in a musician’s ability to experience their performance naturally. To that end, the Studio 192 Mobile includes Studio One Fat Channel plug-in processing on every analog input and the first ADAT inputs, plus a stereo reverb and delay. The result is a better performance and a better recording. Expandable when you need more I/O. The Studio 192 Mobile has 18 digital inputs and outputs, allowing you to add more analog I/O when you need it. The DigiMax DP88 preamp/converter was designed to seamlessly extend the analog I/O on the Studio 192 Mobile with eight digitally-controlled XMAX preamps, ADAT I/O support up to 96 kHz, direct analog inputs, DAC outputs, and word clock I/O. Its mic preamps are fully remote-controllable from UC Surface, Studio One, and Studio One Remote when connected via ADAT Lightpipe to the Studio 192 Mobile so that they naturally extend your analog inputs both sonically and functionally.

Technische Daten:

  • ultra-geringe Latenz, bis zu 192 kHz Sampling-Rate
  • Burr-Brown Digitalwandler mit 118 dB Dynamik
  • perfekte Integration in Studio One 3 inkl. Gain-Regelung aus DAW heraus
  • fernsteuer- und programmierbar über iPad, Windows 8 Touch Computer, Mac und PC
  • inkludierte Steuer-Software/App UC-Surface zum
  • Einstellen und Abspeichern der Vorverstärkung (Gain)
    • Umschalten von Studiomonitoren, Dim, Mute und Mono (Main-Ausgang)
    • Einstellen des Fat Channel (HPF, Noise Gate, Kompressor, EQ, Limiter)
    • Einstellen der beiden Master-Digitaleffekte
    • integrierter DSP mit latenzfreier Signalbearbeitung (HPF, Noise Gate, Kompressor, EQ, Limiter) für alle Analogeingänge und den ersten ADAT-Anschluss
    • 2 integrierte Master-Digitaleffekte (FXA= Reverb, FXB= Delay)
    • 2 Cursor-Taster, Encoder, 48-V- und Cue-Taster
    • Aussteuerungsanzeigen (8-Segment) pro Analogeingang
    • 48-V-LEDs für Eingang 1 und 2
    • Aussteuerungsanzeigen (8-Segment) für den Main-Ausgang (L/R)
    • Eingänge: 2x XLR-Combo (Mic/Instr.), 2x TRS-Klinke, 6,35 mm (Line, symmetrisch)
    • 2 XMAX Mikrofonvorverstärker, EIN < -128 dB, THD+N < 0,005%
    • 16x16 ADAT I/O (optisch) bzw. 8x8 SMUX II
    • S/PDIF I/O (koaxial), Word Clock I/O (BNC)
    • 4 symmetrische DA-Ausgänge (jeweils TRS-Klinke, 6,35 mm)
    • zusätzlicher symmetrischer Main-Ausgang (L/R, 2x TRS-Klinke, 6,35 mm) mit großem, frontseitigen Lautstärkeregler
    • frontseitiger Kopfhörerausgang (Stereoklinke, 6,35 mm) mit eigenem DA-Wandler und separatem Lautstärkeregler
    • mit DigiMax DP88 um acht weitere Mikrofoneingänge erweiterbar (Anschluss über ADAT)
    • kompatibel zu jeder gängigen DAW
    • abwärtskompatibel zu USB 2.0
    • Stromversorgung: externes Netzteil (12 VDC/3,0 A)
    • inkl. Steuer-Software/App „UC-Surface“ (zum Download), DAW-Software „Studio One® Artist“ (zum Download) und USB-3.0-Kabel (1,8 m)
    • Maße: 31,7 x 17,8 x 4,4 cm
    • Gewicht: 2,3 kg
    • USB 2.0 (USB 3.0 empfohlen)
    • Internet-Verbindung (zum Registrieren und Software-Download)
    • Monitorauflösung: 1280 x 800 oder mehr
    • 20 GB freier Festplattenplatz
    • Festplatte (intern oder extern) mit 7200 UPM
    • OS X 10.8 oder neuer
    • Intel Core 2 (Intel Core i3 oder besser empfohlen)
    • 4 GB RAM (8 GB oder mehr empfohlen)
    • Windows 7 x64/x86 SP1, Windows 8/8.1 x64, Windows 10 x64
    • Intel Core 2 Duo (Intel Core i3 oder besser empfohlen)
    • 4 GB RAM (8 GB oder mehr empfohlen)
PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile Overview
PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile Overview
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