Audio Innovate Innojuster

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The Innojuster is a small box which allows the user to control all of the Innofader adjustments when installed with the Innofader. Use the Innojuster with the Innofader to turn your cheap analog mixer into a pro mixer. Get more adjusment flexibilty on any mixer by tapping into the Innofader's wide range of adjustments from outside the mixer Includes the following controls: 1) Cut-in: Allows adjustment of the dead space on each side of the crossfader. Adjustable from 0 to 10mm 2) Curve: Allows a full range of curve adjustments from bottom to top cut and everything in-between. 3) Fwd/Rev switch: Switches between normal and hamster style fader operation 4) X/Y: Switches between asymmetrical ''Y'' fader curves and left/right symmetrical ''X'' fader curves Mono VCA crossfaders (usually 3 pin) and analog crossfaders use ''X'' curves so crossfading action on both sides are identical Stereo VCA crossfaders (usually 4 pin) and line faders can use ''Y'' curves for a smooth output. With the switch, you can do some special customizations. Example: ''Y'' curve on a mono VCA crossfader can put a soft curve on CH1 and a hard curve on CH2 ''X'' curve on a stereo VCA crossfader can be used to do a CH1/CH2 switch in the center of the fader 5) Calibration: Allows recalibration of the Innofader on-the-spot without the need to open the mixer. Compatible with all Innofader models, except for PNP models, it only works with 4 pin fader cables that plug in directly to the Innofader adapter PC board. NOTE: Occasionally the Innojuster may short internally. The most common symptom for this is that the Innofader doesn't work at all, or the Innofader Pro curve pans the sound left to right. If this happens please add a layer of electrical tape inside the Innojuster. It is important that the tape surrounds the pins near the edge so there is a barrier between the component pins and the case. You can pry the Innojuster upen either by hand or with a small screwdriver. On the Innofader Pro, if the Innojuster caused the panning symptom, please redo the Rane calibration using the ''Factory Default'' setting as shown inRane Calibration p.1 and Rane Calibration p.2.
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