elektron Monomachine SFX60+

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  • Artistic tools
  • Master effects
  • MIDI sequencing
The Monomachine stands out. Five different synthesis methods plus sequencing guarantee a sonic experience unlike anything heard. A digital and spectacular synthesizer. Another dimension Crispy, fierce, alien. The diverse synthesis methods endow the Monomachine with a unique character. Mix and combine the methods, all of them with a proud digital heritage, for a very special and inimitable sound. This synth walks its own otherworldly path. Wave after wave Upload and use customized waveforms in the Monomachine environment. Morph between the waveforms, alter their shape and fidelity and feel the sharpness of the digital edge. A sound designer’s dream come true. Structure of sound The flexible sequencer forms the backbone of the sound creation process. It gives form. When the special multi mode is activated, patterns can even be treated as incredibly dynamic and layered sounds. A most powerful feature.


  • Artistic tools
  • Master effects
  • MIDI sequencing
  • +Drive: The Monomachine comes equipped with a +Drive. It effectively means there is no risk of running out of storage space. Over 16’000 patterns, 16’000 kits and 8’000 waveforms can be internally stored.

Technische Daten:

  • 6 voices
  • 1x specialized machine per voice
  • 1x amp envelope per voice
  • 1x 1-band EQ per voice
  • 1x multimode filter per voice
  • 1x sample rate reducer per voice
  • 1x tape-style delay per voice
  • 3x LFOs per voice
  • 5 different synthesis methods
  • 12 track Elektron sequencer (6 internal, 6 MIDI)
  • 6 FX machines
  • 12x arpeggiators
  • User waveform slots
  • +Drive storage
  • 3 year Elektron warranty
  • Dimensions: 340 × 181 × 63 mm
  • Weight: approximately 2.8 kg
Monomachine product presentation
Monomachine product presentation
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