Mode Machines Nano Midi to Sync

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Now avaible the Dtronics nano series Midi to Sync converter (For TR-808 , TR-606 , TB-303 , SH-101, linndrum, dmx, MS-06 ) Dtronics Nano Sync is the new version of the well known Dtronics MS-06 midi to sync converter The Nano sync converts midi clock to sync pulses. It has 2 Dinsync outputs that can individualy be set to 24 , 48 or 96 ppqn, to use with roland TR-808 , TR-606 , TB-303 , SH-101, KORG, LINN and Oberheim A jack sync output that can be used with arpeggiators or sequencers and it can be programmed from 24/127 ppqn up to 24ppqn. It has low latency of less than 0.2 miliseconds. A Led shows the current clock speed (1/24 of clock frequency).

Technische Daten:

  • Power input: 9 DC, max 100mA. (2.1mm plug, + on center pole)
  • Average latency: < 0.2ms
  • Size: 76 x 71 x 31 mm
  • This unit can sync midi to vintage drummachines like the Linndrum and DMX A special din to jack cable is needed to make the connection(not included)
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