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  • vPed can be used in an enormous amount of scenarios, to indicate some...
  • Guitar/Bass players operation modes:
  • As a 12 effects pedal board, connecting audio output to your amplifier
VST Pedal Workstation incl. Case + SW-Bundle Mode Machines is happy to announce the vPed. The ultimate VST and VSTi Host for live or studio use. VPb The power and versatility of VST/VSTi at your feet. With vPed you can use the countless availability of plugins available in VST and VSTi formats, taking advantage from the traditional method of using analog equipment. Just install your favorite software, plug your MIDI/USB keyboard or guitar/bass cable or microphone and you are ready to play with the greatest sounds that you have only heard in professional studio sessions. - Load up to 12 plug-ins with full control over chain routing - Activate/deactivate plug-ins with a simple foot-switch press - 4 expression/value pedal inputs, 4 external switch inputs and 4 software switches, all of them assignable to any plugin parameter - 4 USB ports available for connecting external storage devices, MIDI/USB controllers and optional Wi-Fi dongle for remote control - Data stored on SSD for great reliability - Quick editing of plug-ins' parameters without connecting a mouse - Easy to use: only 5 foot-switches and 2 knobs on the front panel - Quickly modify your effects’ chain and many more facilities for using VST/VSTi plugins live VPcWith an Intel G1610 2.6 GHz Processor, 32-bit floating internal processing and 24-bits 44.1/48 kHz Sample rates, this super stable and Rock solid unit sounds (and looks) fantastic, allowing for a huge amount of internal and external connections / routings that makes it almost a modular environment for complex effect chains, sequencing... Capable of loading an incredible amount of third-party Plug-ins, the limit is your imagination. The 4 USB allow you to connect an infinite amount of devices to control and assign the internal effects or synths, being possible to externally synchronize the unit via USB-MIDI. Bundled with features such as, Tuner, Looper, Tap tempo, Vplayer for backing tracks, total recall of presets and whole projects in an instant, Wifi compatibility for controlling the unit from a Tablet or Smartphone… This unit can become the center piece of guitarists, bass players, keyboard players, singers, DJs, performers... And if this is not enough, you can increase the unit’s processing power in many different ways: - Higher capacity storage unit: SSD 32/64 G (standard 8 G) - RAM up to 4 G (standard 2 G) - USB to MIDI interface, for connecting MIDI devices - WiFi transmitter, to control vPed from tablets or smart phones (Android and Apple apps available)


  • vPed can be used in an enormous amount of scenarios, to indicate some...
  • Guitar/Bass players operation modes:
  • As a 12 effects pedal board, connecting audio output to your amplifier
  • As a standalone unit to be connected to a P.A. line input (mono or stereo), by using VST plug-ins and Sfx including simulator amp + cab at the end of the effects chain
  • Keyboard players operation modes: As a VST host for live operation, with the ability to control up to 12 VSTi /VST Sfx controllable by a connected MIDI keyboard (not included).
  • Singers operation modes: Tons of astonishing effects tailored for your voice (e.g. tube pre-amp, compressors, reverbs, delays, tuners etc.).
  • More available features:
  • Allows you to load up to 12 plug-ins shown in 3 pages, switched on/off in real-time, by 4 traditional foot switches. Each effect can thus be activated / deactivated via a foot switch for each specific effect.
  • Page / Edit foot switch, which in addition to numerous functions, allows you to select and load in real-time, user-created preset by the same plug-in, or load a whole board during your performances.
  • Displaying original plug-in graphics, with the ability to edit the effect with the mouse, or change the values within the plug-in parameter list
  • Ability to assign to every plug-in the audio and/or MIDI source (parameters are saved for each single board)
  • Ability to make mono audio outputs via a software command
  • Possibility for connecting to a remote assistance support
  • Ability to backup and restore all data
  • Data stored on a solid state drive (SSD)
  • Guitar / Bass tuner quickly available
  • Native latency <= 4 ms. Final latency may also depend on the plugin’s accuracy
  • Ability to adjust quickly your favorite chain effects
  • Ability to save and load boards that include all 12 VST and/or VSTi
  • Ability to choose between two modes for the activation of plug-in:
  • Each plug-in resource (cpu) is individually monitored
  • Great compatibility with most of the VST plug-ins (Windows 32-bit DLL)
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