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CellDNA is designed for realtime performance of video, images, and sounds. The intuitive, easy to learn interface gets you quickly mixing video, images, and sound. Live video input, realtime recording, an advanced database for tagging, organizing, and finding clips, network control, and integration with Ableton Live makes CellDNA one of the most advanced and flexible video tools in your kit. Extensive MIDI learn, and templates for all of Livid's Controllers as well as a growing library of other controllers (including the Akai APC40 and APC20) allows you to use any MIDI controller for expressive hands-on performance of real-time video. Extensible with Cycling74's Max software, the possibilities are endless. CellDNA builds on the standard Cell interface for video designers looking to alter and composite images in realtime. With dozens built-in effects and free-frame compatibility, you can mix up your videos with radical warpings, keying, feedback, tints, and captions. CellDNA is the easiest VJ software to learn and get started with, yet provides massive mixing potential. Real-Time Effects Add and manipulate real-time effects with your videos or camera input. Use the Open Source FreeFrame effects to extend your effects library. You can even customize and edit the effects using Cycling74's Max software. The SDK provides examples and testing patches so you can develop your own Effects and Extras for CellDNA. The BPM series of effects make automation as simple as turning a knob, just like any other effect. Use BPM to change clips, Clip Banks, Effects, and more. MIDI Control Completely control your performance with any MIDI controller. CellDNA automatically maps to the Livid OhmRGB, Ohm64, Code, and block controllers as well as the Akai APC40 and APC20 for easy plug-and-plug VJ performance. Templates can be edited, and you can even make your own for your own controller. Comprehensive MIDI Learn makes it possible to integrate up to five different MIDI controllers to control virtually every aspect of CellDNA. Networking Use a local or wide area network to control multiple computers running CellDNA at the same time. Use any program that can create a UDP message (Max/MSP, pd, Processing, Python, and PHP just to name a few) to remotely control CellDNA over a local network, wireless network, or even from another country. Database An industry-standard SQLite database can be used to keep track of your media collection. You can tag and comment on clips on your hard drives, either individually or whole folders of clips. You can then search the database for filenames, comments, and tags, and instantly load the results into the ClipGrid. As you grow the database, you'll be able to instantly find the clips you need when you need them. Layers and Masks The simple introduction of CellDNA lets you easily and instantly mix two channels of video (A and B), but you can add 2 more videos on top of each channel for a sophisticated, layered look, composited in a number of different ways. Masks can be loaded as still images to fit a special shape of projection surface, or videos, to animate and provide a dynamic mask. You can even apply the SoundWave image from an audio input as a mask! Recording Realtime or rendered - it's your choice. Need to quickly knock out some ideas for an ad or music video? Make a real time mix to the track, record it and share the ideas with your clients. Need to generate some new clips for your project to drop into an editor or VJ set? Use render mode to make sure clips come out nice and smooth. Even if you aren't a VJ or CellDNA isn't your primary live video software, the production capabilities make it an essential part of your rig. Max for Live Devices Completely control your visuals from Ableton Live with our free Max for Live devices designed for CellDNA. You can use Live to score video clips, automate effects, integrate controllers, or trigger CellDNA clips and creatively apply effects using audio from individual Live Tracks or the master output. Captions Realtime control of captions and titles means you can communicate directly with your audience. Let them know who's playing, what the lyrics are, or maybe even order a drink from the bar! Load in a text file of lyrics, and use the next line feature to advance through the file. Or get creative and load in graphic fonts and use the 3D animation to add another visual element to the mix. Mutli-screen CellDNA's multi-screen interface allow for multi-screen control using devices like the Matrox's DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go. The ''split'' button allows for immediate access to two screen presentation, or you can use the MultiScreen Extra for up to 4 screens. Syphon Support Integrated Syphon client and server support lets you share the frames of CellDNA with other video applications for projection mapping or additional processing, or vice versa. Extensible with Cycling74's Max Because CellDNA is built in Max, special care has gone into allowing users to add their own Effects and Extras. Comprehensive examples and documentation are in the SDK to help you make your own additions. You can view all the source of the existing Effects, edit them, make your own, or get rid of ones you don't like. By making your own Extras, you can create your own specialize control interfaces, integrate computer vision (camera-as-controller), make graphics generators to mix in with video, or even integrate Twitter feeds!

Technische Daten:

  • Mac OSX 10.4+ and WindowsXP, Vista and 7 Compatible
  • Assignable effects to knobs or sliders
  • 64 slots per clip bank
  • Up to 64 clip banks and 32 effect bank presets
  • Two Channel (A & B) Control
  • Additional Layers
  • Record QuickTime videos with sound
  • Crossfader for mixing multiple videos
  • 3D effects
  • FreeFrame support
  • Captions
  • Easy MIDI learn
  • Control speed, direction, and loop modes
  • Use Quicktime movies, images, audio, and flash files
  • Open GL accelerated
  • Networking for multiple computer control
  • Mutli-screen controls
  • Development Kit for using your own Max patches can be downloaded here
  • MIDI Talkback (MIDI OUT) for visual feedback with your controller
  • Automap feature for the Ohm64 and Block
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