Prodipe Studio 22 Pro

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MACHEN SIE AUS IHREM COMPUTER EIN AUFNAHMESTUDIO Hochwertige Audiochipsets von Texas Instruments. Jeder Eingang verfügt über folgende Elemente: einen Combo Anschluss (XLR + Jack 6,35 mm) mit einer 48 Volt-Phantomspeisung, einen programmierbaren hochohmigen Schalter, eine Amplitudengang Regulierung und eine Überlastungsanzeige. Die Produktpalette Studio Pro verfügt ferner über 2 Cinch Eingänge (Mono), gemixt mit zwei Fronteingängen.

Technische Daten:

PRODIPE STUDIO 22 PRO: - 2 audio inputs / 2 audio outputs - 1 MIDI input / 1 MIDI output - Professional audio quality (high quality electronic components) - USB connection (1.1 and 2.0 compatible) - «Plug and play» (no driver needed) Cubase LE 5 (PC / Mac): - Based on the Steinberg Cubase advanced music production system used by professionals around the world. - Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg Audio Engine. - Up to 48 simultaneous audiotracks with 24bit/96kHz and 64 MIDI tracks. - Superb audio/MIDI recording, editing and mixing application. - Complete suite of 23 audio VST effect processors. - 25 instrument sounds for the included HALion ONE sample player. - AudioWarp system for time-stretching and pitch-shifting in real time. - Streamlined score editing and printing feature set. - Cross-platform for Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary. Prodipe VE (PC only): - Multi-timbral 64 channel MIDI on 4 independent midi ports - Unlimited Polyphony (depending on your computer?s capacity) - Effects: User-defined Parameters for Reverberation, Chorus and Equalizer - Superposition of up to 4 different sound layers - Keyboard can be split into 4 different zones - Sound Synthesis: 44.1 kHz, 16-bit - Very high quality GM2 MIDI Sound Library Prodipe TimeStretch (PC only): - Change the tempo on your CDs, and your Wav, MP3 and WMA files without modifying the pitch and vice-versa - Transpose, adapt, select parts, save and burn for singers, musicians, copyists music teachers students, etc Prodipe ASI O 2 multicard driver «Prodipe ASI O Merge®» - All Prodipe audio interfaces are shipped with a «Prodipe ASIO 2» driver - This driver can be used by all applications (Cubase for example) that require low latency - The «Prodipe ASIO Merge®» built-in function lets you use several Prodipe audio interfaces simultaneously in your ASIO applications - Latency : 1ms on input, 2ms on output - Audio data formats: 16 or 32 bits
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