Allen & Heath Xone PX5

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  • Traktor Scratch Pro Zertifiziert
  • Record Out
  • FX-Sektion
  • 4 Kanal
  • Laser
  • Powermixer
  • standalone
  • Display
  • int. Vorverstärker
  • Potis
  • Cinch
  • USB
  • XLR
Allen & Heath Xone PX5 - DJ-Mixer - Test (Elevator Vlog 104 deutsch)
Allen & Heath Xone PX5 - DJ-Mixer - Test (Elevator Vlog 104 deutsch)
Combining the signature warm analogue Xone sound with class-leading digital connectivity, Xone:PX5 breathes life and soul into electronic music performance. The built-in FX technology offers new levels of manipulation with our new Xone:Xcite FX suite of performance-focused delays, reverbs, modulators, flangers and distorters which are all assignable through simple hands-on control for fine-tuning the FX and expressing the DJ’s inner creativity. Xone:PX5 is a 4+1 channel mixer, equipped with the legendary Xone filter, 3 band EQ on all channels and an intuitive layout. The versatile Send/Return feature allows for the connection of external FX hardware with both Send/Return and Master Insert mode connections (Line or Hi-Z) and equips Xone:PX5 for numerous enhanced setup scenarios. Each channel has its own dedicated send control for external FX processing and can also be routed to the internal Xone:FX engine. Connect your laptop or computer to the premium internal 20 channel 24bit 96kHz USB2 soundcard for easy integration into digital DJ workflows, plus plug n’ play connection via X:LINK to Xone:K series controllers for expanded MIDI control. The crossfader has three switchable curve settings for blending or scratching styles and can be easily replaced or upgraded to an Innofader Pro 2 for ultimate crossfader performance. No matter what your mixing style, Xone:PX5 combines a modern approach to DJing with all the tools required for creating your own individual sound.


  • High Quality Internal Soundcard: Xone:PX5 incorporates a high specification 20 Channel 96kHz, 24bit USB Soundcard, class complaint on Apple Mac, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into digital DJ workflows.
  • Xone:FX: Xone:PX5 features the Xone:Xcite FX suite, a new breed of FX specifically tailored for DJ performance. The array of spectral delays, resonators, gritty reverbs and more is accessed through familiar, hands-on controls for instant, instinctive operation, making it easy to add energy and excitement to a track or create entire FX soundscapes. A hybrid FX mode combines the internal and external send & return FX for more advanced FX processing.
  • Xone Filter System
  • The original and best. The Xone filter is a legend in the DJ booth – none of its imitators come close. Xone:PX5’s filter includes HPF, BPF, LPF, resonance control and frequency sweep, plus the option to route the Aux channel and External Return to the filter.
  • Xone:Sync MIDI clock engine
  • Xone:PX5 features an integrated MIDI clock engine which can send start/stop messages to external equipment. The 5-pin MIDI Sync/Out connection integrates external software/hardware instruments such as drum machines and synthesizers which can be connected via ¼” jack input connections (mono/stereo). Xone:PX5 can also send/receive MIDI clock information through the USB connection.
  • X:Link: For the ultimate DJ setup, connect Xone:K series controllers to the Xone:PX5 over X:Link for hands-on control over your software, saving USB ports on your computer.
  • 4+1 Channels: On top of its four fully featured phono/USB/line channels, Xone:PX5 has a flexible mic / aux channel with XLR and ¼” jack connectors and full 3 band EQ. If you don’t perform with mics, the additional inputs allow this channel to be used as an extra stereo music source or USB Return channel.
  • Innofader Compatible: Upgrade to an Innofader Pro 2 crossfader (available separately) for ultimate performance. Always a popular choice for scratch DJs.

Technische Daten:

  • 4+1 channel analogue mixer
  • Internal Xone:FX Engine with Xone:Xcite FX library
  • Classic Xone VCF Filter with HPF, BPF, LPF and resonance Control
  • Four channels with 3-source Phono/Line/USB inputs
  • Dedicated Send/Return and Master Insert mode connections for External FX (Line or Hi-Z)
  • Dedicated Microphone/Aux input/USB Return channel with peak Indicator
  • 20 channel 24bit 96kHz USB2 internal Soundcard
  • 3-band kill EQ
  • Xone:Sync MIDI clock engine
  • 12-segment signal level monitoring
  • 22dB pro standard headroom 
  • 60mm VCA channel faders
  • Balanced main mix out on XLR
  • Independent booth out on 1/4” Jack 
  • Record out (USB and unbalanced RCA)
  • Crossfader curve switch (three settings)
  • Upfader curve switch (three settings)
  • 2 GND earthing terminal posts for turntables
  • 3.5mm and 1/4″ headphone outputs with Split Cue option
  • X:LINK for plug n’ play connection to Xone:K series controllers
  • Innofader Compatible (Innofader Pro 2)

Allen & Heath Xone PX5 + Magma CTRL Case CDJ/Mixer

Allen & Heath Xone PX5 + Magma CTRL Case CDJ/Mixer
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Allen & Heath Xone PX5 + Reloop Mixer Case

Allen & Heath Xone PX5 + Reloop Mixer Case
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Xone:PX5 - DJ Performance Mixer
Xone:PX5 - DJ Performance Mixer
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